Fox Tales by Paul Windridge

Fox Tales by Paul Windridge The natural habitat of this fox family group is among the gorse and wild flowers on the edge of a cliff overlooking a picturesque bay. There is a mesh fence which separates them from humankind, but the foxes have lifted parts of that fence so they can easily get in … Read more

Bladerunner 2049, Baseline Test. The Dick/Nabokov interlink

Bladerunner 2049, Baseline Test. The Dick/Nabokov interlink While not giving away the end of the film this article does contain significant spoilers. The sheer philosophical complexity and visual sweep of Bladerunner 2049 have been widely critically attested. The film’s concerns regarding the nature of self and the manner in which an individual perceives their own … Read more

Laurie Anderson Song Conversation

It was with great excitement that I sat down in my seat to watch Laurie Anderson this year’s Brighton Festival director, perform Song Conversation at the Brighton Dome. The stage was lit with an ambient purple and the instruments stood waiting to be played.  Laurie and her fellow musician’s pianist Nik Bartsch and guitarist Eivind … Read more

On The Subject Of Noir – Dark Romanticism and the Dark Side of the Moon from Blake to Manga

Dark romanticism as an aesthetic trend in art and literature which delves into the darker side of human nature and the morally ambiguous has been popular since the age of enlightenment. The Spanish artist Goya explored the dark side of the human psyche with his drawings and paintings of witches and their unholy acts of … Read more

Industrial Coastline

Industrial Coastline by Teresa Neal – Maiden Publishing UK While photographic collections concerning the industrial landscapes of America are plentiful in number, those focusing upon England’s ‘green and pleasant’ have been far less frequently attempted. Perhaps this is because the more obvious and dramatic glories and declines of our industries occurred in an earlier era. … Read more


‘The Hobyahs Are Coming’ Having come across a classic English fairy tale from my childhood I felt inspired to write a short post. ‘The Hobyahs’ are the stuff of nightmares an unlikely gang of supernatural thugs who want nothing more than to break into your home, kidnap you and eat you. A cautionary tale where … Read more

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