Satyagraha by Philip Glass – Keiron Phelan

Satyagraha ENO OperaImages courtesy of ENO © Donald Cooper

Satyagraha by Philip Glass – Keiron Phelan Philip Glass is, for better and for worse, the world’s single most influential living composer. His mark is to be found in the music of Eno, Bowie, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Aphex Twin and Nico Muhly and throughout the genres of techno and post-rock. If you’re partial to … Read more

Pierdom on the Pier

Pierdom on the Pier In the spirit of the event sponsors Borough Wines, Beers and Books provided special edition wine bottles complete with the signature image of the old pier for the private view of Pierdom on Hastings Pier. Organised by Andrew Moran and the Hastings Pier Charity as part of the photography festival Pierdom … Read more

On The Subject Of Noir – Dark Romanticism and the Dark Side of the Moon from Blake to Manga

Dark romanticism as an aesthetic trend in art and literature which delves into the darker side of human nature and the morally ambiguous has been popular since the age of enlightenment. The Spanish artist Goya explored the dark side of the human psyche with his drawings and paintings of witches and their unholy acts of … Read more

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