Creative Services

We offer a range of design and editing services to help you make your project fly.

Our proof-reading service makes sure your text is ship shape. We do this by reading through the manuscript and carefully correcting any errors such as spelling mistakes, typos and punctuation. However, should your publication require a more rigorous approach we offer copy editing this is similar to proof-reading but more detailed. Copy editing involves correcting errors together with making stylistic suggestions to the text. Every effort is made to maintain the writer’s voice.

Our Typesetting service involves arranging and formatting the text into a neat, tidy and recognisable book form. This ensures a seamless reading experience and a professional look.

Our design service offers a variety of creative services. We will work with you by emailing proofs for you to check and if you are not entirely happy we offer up to five revisions.  If you require a cover design for your book from the simple to the extravagant we are here to help. We offer a high-quality illustration service, should you need visual content for your magazine or publication, just ask. Finally, we offer a responsive WordPress and web design service where we work with the client to ensure that they can take over the website themselves. Read more about this in our case studies section.

If you are looking for a printer we can take the load off and organise small print runs of your project. The formats available are perfect bound paperback, hardcover and stapled with a front cover lamination option.

We issue ISBNs which are considered essential for selling your work commercially. An ISBN is a unique number that identifies your work for classification purposes.

Please contact us for a quote and to chat about your project.

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