Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

Teresa has done an excellent job in creating our website from scratch and has given first class support from the moment I engaged with her. Teresa continues to provide me with help and solutions as and when it’s required and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to set up website.
Maiden Publishing UK helped us to design the sleeve for our new single. Teresa was able to create a beautiful sleeve from a pile of images and ideas, she really understood what we were trying to achieve. The finished product is exactly what we wanted and looks great!
I only knew of your Newhaven work before. I do think it's amazing - and although completely different in approach, I find it resonating with the work of the Bechers in its respect for the dignity, forms, beauty and mystery of industrial constructions.....their emotional presence. You add a sense of place as well.
Industrial Coastline book by Teresa Neal.Image ©Teresa Neal
Neville Austin
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