The Flowers of Evil and Paris Spleen – Baudelaire


The Flowers of Evil and Paris Spleen by Charles Baudelaire published by Dover thrift editions. Paperback.


Banned in France for nearly a century La Fleur du Mal is the Symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire’s masterpiece. Sex and death, rebellion and corruption are the themes of Baudelaire’s sensual poems.

This is a unique collection of his work which captures the zeitgeist of the transition from Romanticism to Modernism with authoritative interpretations of fifty-one poems from The Flowers of Evil. Additionally, there are fourteen poems from the posthumously published Paris Spleen which offers poignant reflections on the city and its poorer inhabitants. Noted scholar Wallace Fowie provides definitive translations of these verses.

Paperback printed in the USA. Cover painting Venus Verticordia Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

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