Bladerunner 2049, Baseline Test. The Dick/Nabokov interlink

While not giving away the end of the film this article does contain significant spoilers. The sheer philosophical complexity and visual sweep of Bladerunner 2049 have been widely critically attested. The film’s concerns regarding the nature of self and the manner in which an individual perceives their own existence elevates the original Bladerunner’s ‘sci-fi- film-noir … Read more

Dancehall Days

Dancehall Days – Anna Arnone “Have you ever been in a dancehall, the place is rammed silly, it’s like a sardine can and everybody in the dance is shouting for you? I wonder if you’ve ever experienced that? You’ve got to come and take in Saxon.” Dennis Rowe My book ‘Sound Reasoning’ (publication date October … Read more

Vic Mars – The Land And The Garden. Psycho geography In Music And The Value Of Good Packaging.

All the doubtlessly tiresome ‘Dad’ stories that you may have heard about how, in the glory years of vinyl, we would recklessly purchase an album based entirely upon the merits of its sleeve art are scandalously true.  Band unknown, we heedlessly cast our pennies upon the record shop counter sure in the knowledge that ‘album … Read more


‘The Hobyahs Are Coming’ Having come across a classic English fairy tale from my childhood I felt inspired to write a short post. ‘The Hobyahs’ are the stuff of nightmares an unlikely gang of supernatural thugs who want nothing more than to break into your home, kidnap you and eat you. A cautionary tale where … Read more

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